Communication within any organization can be challenging. Attending a trade show makes it even more difficult.

During a multi-day trade show there is the need to quickly communicate within the team at the show:

  • Gain competitive intelligence from walking the show floor, interacting with other exhibitors, and getting feedback from others who have visited those exhibitors, including partners, potential customers, and journalists and analysts.
  • Quickly evolve the way in which you explain your product or service to people who come to your booth based on what you learn from presenting to others as well as what you see on the show floor. For example, what features are resonating with people. Are competitors making similar claims? How should you explain your product so that people understand the difference between your offering and others they may see at the show?
  • Advance discussions with potential customers, partners, suppliers, and others.

To address communication within your team at the show . . .

  • Make sure people understand the goals and their roles and responsibilities. The night before the show gather people together to review.
  • Develop a lead sheet to capture information.
  • Get cards and scan badges. Jot notes on the cards so you remember who should do what next with the individual.
  • When there is a high-potential lead or deal, make sure key members of your team know what they need to do to help move this ahead.
  • At the end of every day huddle up, review what you’ve learned, and identify things that need to happen before the show opens in the morning. Resist the urge to do this over drinks. Save the socializing for after your meeting.

After the show:

  • Enter all contacts into your CRM system and assign responsibility for following up.
  • Ask the person who headed up your show effort to compile your metrics and collectively present to those who didn’t attend.
  • The person responsible for the show should also track, over time, the business impact as one part of deciding which shows, including this or others, you should attend in the future.

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