We work with early-stage funded ventures, companies that may range in size from 3 to 30 people or more and haven’t yet gotten to cash flow positive.  These companies may still be refining their product or service, learning how to tell their story to investor, partners, or customers, or trying to build on early results and expand their customer base.

Our approach


  • Hands-on, very fast-paced, results-oriented approach
  • Extensive experience working with CEOs of early-stage companies across many industries and business models, including . . .
    • Shaping the vision and telling the story to investors
    • Refining the product or service and ensuring product-market fit
    • Building the team
    • Raising money
    • Launching companies and products and services
    • Implementing marketing and business development and partner programs
    • Putting in place processes for sustainable growth
  • Because we’ve also worked at and with large, established companies, including Fortune 50 companies, we understand the challenges in selling to and partnering with large companies and what it takes to ultimately close deals.
  • Geographic breadth to help you succeed in the US and in Europe
  • Flexible engagement framework
  • Action-oriented, results-oriented approach



Areas of focus



  • B2B and B2B2C
  • B2C — software products and services, including applications and consumer-direct online e-commerce initiatives
  • Business services
  • Developer programs




  • Product and service launch
  • Company launch
  • Investor pitches
  • Creating and launching developer programs
  • Development of management teams
  • Growth marketing and sales processes





  • Austria, Germany, Switzerland
  • The US and Canada
  • Additional capabilities in the Nordic Countries, the UK, Italy




  • Enterprise software and platforms
  • Retail and E-Commerce
  • Business to business services



We work with funded startups, typically after a seed round. We’ve started venture-backed companies, been a part of management teams at venture-backed companies, and advised founders and CEOs of venture-backed companies.

We’ve never had a situation where a funded startup didn’t hire us because of the cost.

As a funded new venture, the scarce thing is time, not money. Instead, you need to move quickly to prove yourself in the market. We can help you cut the time it takes to do that.

We don’t accept all-equity or majority-equity engagements.

We can operate in either role, including serving as a launch-and-grow CMO to get your company and product into the market. That position may eventually be filled by a permanent team member, and we may move on or continue to serve as a consultant to you and your new CMO. Whichever approach we take, we’ll work with you to make sure that you have the right long-term team.

In situations where you have a CMO or someone you want to be move into that role, we can help coach your CMO and help them accelerate their success and the success of the venture.

Yes, we can, and we have. But the place we will focus is on business results. Once we have objectives and a roadmap, we can handle those tactics or work with or manage internal or external staff to execute these.
We recommend that you tell them you’ve brought on board an experienced professional to help you accelerate your venture’s success.

We can carry your venture’s business card, manage vendors, and engage with partners and customers, or we can be introduced as a consultant that.

Regardless of the approach, it’s critical that we hear directly from customers and potential customers. This can take many forms, including primary research, tradeshows, or serving as an observer on sales calls or meetings with existing customers.

That’s a range. After an initial conversation and once an NDA is in-place, we’ll work with you to figure out the right approach for you and your venture.
Near Boston and in Vienna. We work with companies in many different locations and can travel to your site for short or long periods, depending on your needs.

Yes, and this can take many different forms, including evaluating the market potential for the products or service offered by companies in your portfolio or in which you’re considering investing; evaluating management teams; and, defining roles and screening new senior talent.

We can also work collaboratively with you and the management team of a company in which you’ve invested to accelerate their success in the market, execute a pivot or a company relaunch, or serve as an interim CMO.

In all of these cases, you are able to immediately to bear individuals with deep experience dealing with sometimes difficult and often very fluid situations, markets that are shifting rapidly or poorly defined, small organizations that are struggling to find their market or meet the demands of their customers.

As outside experts hired by you, our interests are very closely aligned, giving you the confidence you need that you’ll get direct, clear, fact-based answers and recommendations that are not influenced by any earlier claims that may have been made.

Our only measure of success is your results.  

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