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Trade shows – #10 – How do we share the knowledge with our company?

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Communication within any organization can be challenging. Attending a trade show makes it even more difficult.

During a multi-day trade show there is the need to quickly communicate within the team at the show:

Gain competitive intelligence […]

Trade shows – #9 – Are we sending the right people?

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If you’re launching your company at a trade show or doing a large product launch that you want to celebrate as a company, it may make sense to send several people, especially at early-stage ventures […]

Trade shows – #8 – What is our message?

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This fundamental question in marketing is especially important when you’re considering exhibiting at a trade show:

What is our message at the trade show and how does it relate to our ongoing marketing effort?Should we have […]

Trade shows – #7 – How does it fit into the marketing plan?

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One of the worst reasons for an early-stage or growth-stage company to attend a trade show is because . . .

 “Our competitors will be there.”“Everybody goes to this show.”“It’s the biggest show of the year.”

Those, […]

Trade shows – #6 – How to make the most of it?

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You should promote your planned appearance, including your booth location and any presentations you’ll be giving, to your existing customers and prospects, as well as to other who will be attending that you’d like to […]

Trade shows – #5 – How will we track results?

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Your goal, ultimately, is sales, which could may come from . . .

Generating leads at the show that you convert to sales.Signing new distributors based on contacts or meetings at the show.Creating partnerships based on […]