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For the last two decades Marc has worked with senior executives to deliver marketing strategy and implementation, ranging from branding, positioning, product and company launch, to growth strategies and execution for customer acquisition. Marc received his degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Trade shows – #8 – What is our message?

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This fundamental question in marketing is especially important when you’re considering exhibiting at a trade show:

What is our message at the trade show and how does it relate to our ongoing marketing effort?Should we have different messages for different target groups?How will these be delivered through our booth graphics?How are […]

Trade shows – #7 – How does it fit into the marketing plan?

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One of the worst reasons for an early-stage or growth-stage company to attend a trade show is because . . .

 “Our competitors will be there.”“Everybody goes to this show.”“It’s the biggest show of the year.”

Those, in and of themselves, should not be the basis for deciding whether you should commit […]

Trade shows – #5 – How will we track results?

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Your goal, ultimately, is sales, which could may come from . . .

Generating leads at the show that you convert to sales.Signing new distributors based on contacts or meetings at the show.Creating partnerships based on contacts or meetings at the show that result in sales.Generating interest from press and analysts […]

Trade shows – #4 – Do we need a booth?

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Do we really need a booth? What alternatives have we considered?

Usually you’ll be presented with a recommendation to exhibit in a booth. However, there are many alternatives, and depending on the your company and your goals, one of these alternatives might be a better choice now:

Attend and walk the show […]

Trade shows – #3 – What is the true cost?

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We don’t know of any organization that has ever taken the time to measure the true cost of attending a trade show.  Some do figure in the cost of travel.  Large organizations have an events staff and budget, and since their presence at major shows is often similar from year […]

10 questions every CEO should ask to maximize the ROI of trade shows

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What started out as a short blog post following larger engagements working with CEOs on trade shows in Las Vegas, Dublin, Berlin, Vienna, Marseille, and elsewhere, turned in to a 20+ page brief: “10 questions every CEO should ask to maximize the ROI of  trade shows.”  You can download the […]

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