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Over his career Lee has held marketing and product management roles at Fortune 500 firms and worked extensively with early-stage and growth-stage ventures in the US and Europe as a founder, co-founder, member of the management team, launch CMO, and advisor to CEOs. Lee has a bachelor’s degree from Drake University and a Masters of Management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Trade shows – #10 – How do we share the knowledge with our company?

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Communication within any organization can be challenging. Attending a trade show makes it even more difficult.

During a multi-day trade show there is the need to quickly communicate within the team at the show:

Gain competitive intelligence from walking the show floor, interacting with other exhibitors, and getting feedback from others who […]

Trade shows – #9 – Are we sending the right people?

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If you’re launching your company at a trade show or doing a large product launch that you want to celebrate as a company, it may make sense to send several people, especially at early-stage ventures where this can help create an even stronger sense of “company.” Those who attend can […]

Trade shows – #6 – How to make the most of it?

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You should promote your planned appearance, including your booth location and any presentations you’ll be giving, to your existing customers and prospects, as well as to other who will be attending that you’d like to meet. Do this through your social media, newsletters, sites, blog posts, advertising, direct mail, and […]

Trade shows – #2 – Is this the right tradeshow?

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In most industries there are a few major global trade shows. In mobile, for example, CTIA (35,000 attendees and 1,100 exhibitors) is the major show for the Americas, Mobile World Congress (90,000 attendees and 2,200 exhibitors) is the major show for Europe, and CommunicAsia (55,000 attendees) is the major show […]

Trade shows – #1 – What´s our goal?

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For early-stage and growth-stage companies, attending your industry’s major trade show can be a smart move, but if you’re not careful, you can also blow a lot of time and money with little actual business to show for it.

These ten questions will help you figure out the right approach for […]

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